To begin to accomplish our goal of changing how people think about and create value online, every new Kin partner receives a grant from the Kin Foundation just for signing up, and they will receive further grants for every user that starts to use Kin.

Alex, in Ted’s most recent AMA I asked him specifically how partners would get Kin for early operations before KRE. His response was “nobody will get Kin for free.” Now, you are suggesting the opposite- that all Kin partners are receiving a grant of free Kin when signing. Why the discrepancy?

Along with this, every month the Kin Foundation will distribute Kin to every partner according to how much engagement they create.

When was the change made to distribute payouts monthly instead of daily? We were never notified of this incoming change. Is this what your partners asked for? Doesn’t this change negatively impact small developers who have a higher time value of money?

Written by

Fire Sprinkler design technician and former Kin ambassador.

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