I would urge you to reconsider the fiat bonus for the first 40 apps to go live. This incentive rewards rushing out a bare-minimum product rather than focusing on quality. Plus, I would imagine many of your (smaller) existing Program apps will migrate to the new incentive structure which is more attainable, and since they already have live Kin experiences, they could reap the early bird fiat bonuses before new developers have a chance.

I would recommend awarding the fiat bonus to all new apps that successfully go live (existing program apps not eligible), so the quality of their release is limited only by the hard deadline and not by trying to rush out poor products. The total fiat expense to the Foundation would only be $500,000, much less than the total potential expense of the first program. Many of these devs will be creating brand new apps with no userbase, and their first impressions on the Kin community will be their best chance at establishing a userbase. Don’t encourage them to release products that will leave a bad first impression and burn those crucial first users.

Written by

Fire Sprinkler design technician and former Kin ambassador.

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