I’m not sure why you’d see my opinion as arrogance. I’m speculating using the information I have, just like everyone else, and I’ve given my reasoning in other posts.

There is not ‘zero demand’ for KIN, or the price of KIN would be zero.

When we talk about sub-decimal prices, we’re not talking about the dollar value of KIN, we’re talking about sub-decimal amounts of KIN being used for purchases. We’re talking about paying 50 KIN for a gallon of milk instead of 0.000050 KIN for a gallon of milk.

If you read my other article, titled “The Magic of Kin,” I explain why companies would join the KRE instead of traditional forms of monetization. You should also listen to Ted Livingston or Fred Wilson speak about the issue- many digital services are failing as we speak because advertisements are not working for them. They aren’t making money.

I’m not the only person that believes that Kin will disrupt the traditional models of monetization. Kik has received venture capital from USV, Tencent and others, and several more venture capitalist firms participated in the token sale. They would not have invested their money if they weren’t confident that Kik was capable of disrupting their industry.

And lastly, if you follow the posts made on the Kin Foundation Medium or the Kin Contributors Medium, it is clear that they are working to release their “minimum viable products” onto app stores as soon as possible. They should be ready by the end of March.

Written by

Fire Sprinkler design technician and former Kin ambassador.

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