Thank you for the reply.

I still feel like the “first 40” incentive creates a race to the bottom where quality on initial release will do the bare minimum to meet Kin’s expectations (whatever that standard may actually be). All I know is that many of the apps from the first program were very rough at launch, and that lack of development was a factor in their being unable to sustain user numbers after the first week.

The first program at least rewarded continued quality after launch with the fiat bonuses based on user activity. Perhaps you could do something similar with the new program, by tying the fiat bonuses to a lower activity requirement.

You’re concerned about mitigating the risk of slow development, but I’m afraid you’re ignoring the risk of having a Kin Ecosystem chock full of low quality or rushed work by not offering the right incentives. A handful of great user experiences is more valuable to Kin than a grab bag of 100 half-assed ones.

Best of luck with the program!

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Fire Sprinkler design technician and former Kin ambassador.

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